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Culford Traditional Summerhouse

The Hutchinsons version of the traditional square summerhouse is enhanced with quality Georgian windows and doors, supplied fully glazed with chrome furniture as standard.

The apex ridgeline roof can be extended over the front of the summerhouse, with the floor similarly extended to form a small verandah.

Clients wanting this enhancement should call us or add this request to their notes in their e-mail enquiry.
/images/customised-culford-with-rear-storeweb.jpg /images/culford.jpg /images/cteam-culford.jpg /images/copy-3-of-0002.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_11.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_02.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_03.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_04.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_05.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_06.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_07.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_08.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_09.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_11.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_12.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_13.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_14.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_15.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_16.jpg /images/Culford/Culford_17.jpg

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