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Pent Shed

A more compact shed, with the trademark flat roof running down towards the rear wall.

The generous headroom, a feature of all Hutchinsons utility buildings, is maintained by keeping the rear eves height at 6’ and rising towards the front wall.

The traditional design normally positions the door and window in the same front wall, but if the garden setting requires an alternative layout this is usually simple to accommodate.

/images/Apex Shed/ApexShed_02.jpg /images/Pent Shed/PentShed_02.jpg /images/Apex Shed/ApexShed_03.jpg /images/Pent Shed/PentShed_03.jpg /images/Apex Shed/ApexShed_04.jpg /images/Pent Shed/PentShed_04.jpg /images/Apex Shed/ApexShed_05.jpg /images/Pent Shed/PentShed_05.jpg /images/Apex Shed/ApexShed_06.jpg /images/Pent Shed/PentShed_06.jpg /images/Apex Shed/ApexShed_07.jpg /images/Pent Shed/PentShed_07.jpg /images/Apex Shed/ApexShed_08.jpg /images/Pent Shed/PentShed_08.jpg /images/Pent Shed/PentShed_09.jpg /images/Pent Shed/PentShed_10.jpg

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